Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where are you located?

We have no official location, but we meet at the Dixie House Cafe every first Thursday of each month. The meeting starts at 7:00PM and ends approximately 1 hour later, but we can usually be seen enjoying our food at 6:30 PM. Get in contact with us or check our events page to make sure we will be there!

Do I have to own a car to join?

No, car ownership is not a requirement.

Do I need to have a car that is up and running?

No, membership can actually help keep you on track to finish your project.

Can I join if my car is newer than '48?

Yes. The National Street Rod Association defines a street rod as one built prior to ' 49. Our club does participate in several NSRA functions where this requirement is in effect, however, we also have club cruises and dinner runs where cars built prior to ' 72 are eligible to be counted on a point system to determine the most active member. Our club realizes the importance and beauty of cars built in the 50's, 60's, and early 70's.

Do I have to know anything about cars, or is the desire to learn good enough?

No, a desire to participate in the hobby is all you need.

Is this a good place to gain knowledge from guys who really know their stuff?

Yes. We have members that can do everything required to completely build a car on their own. Others have developed skills that allow them to be specialists in a particular field.

Are club members willing and enthusiastic to help with my project?

Yes, all members are passionate about their hobby.

What are the requirements for membership?

Its not hard! Just check out our bylaws for membership information!